Product Range

CERTUSS quick steam boilers are fully equipped and ready to use, including burner, control, and all safety devices. They ensure full steam supply within 3-5 minutes. Made completely in Germany, only first-class materials and components from our own production and from well-known manufacturers are used. Easier installation and operating conditions apply in most countries, due to safe quick steam boiler construction. The power adapts fully automatic to the steam demand. Steam pressure is possible up to 27 bar!


Gas & Oil Junior TC

Performance 80 – 400 kg steam/hour, with gas-, or oil-heating, electronic PLC control with touch screen, finds place in the smallest rooms.


Gas & Oil Universal TC

Performance 500 – 2000 kg steam/hour with gas-, oil-, or combination-heating, plus multiple system up to 8000 kg/h, with PLC control and touch screen.


Electric Boilers

Fully automatic electric steam boilers with PLC control and modulating heating.
Heating power: 6 to 120 kW
Steam output: 8 to 160 kg/h


Accessories/Components & Supply-Unit CVE

We offer all accessories required for boiler installation and operation, water treatment, tanks, fittings, etc., or the CVE compact supply unit, where complete equipment is assembled on a base-pallet.
We are your partner for the entire boiler house.