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CERTUSS Your Partner for Decades

For over 60 years, CERTUSS has been the partner of thousands of commercial and industrial companies for economical and trouble-free steam supply. The complete specialization in quick steam generators and continuous development has resulted in a product, that combines a lot of advanced design features. The most significant innovation was secured by a patent and guarantees optimal utilization of the energy used. Thus, every CERTUSS steam boiler offers a unique level of quality and utility, with certified quality assurance according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008.

Specialists know more – talk to us.

Consulting, Planning and Service:

From expert advice to exemplary service – you are the focus of our work. Exemplary and knowledgeable, we ensure optimal support for more than 10,000 CERTUSS steam boilers. The delivery of spare parts for CERTUSS steam boilers is guaranteed for 25 years!

We have the know-how for every industry!

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